The unified interface and secure service management platform for Payment Ready wearables.


 About Manage-Mii

Manage all your Payment Ready wearables using one app. DIGISEQ provides the Mastercard-integrated MDES provisioning service that enables your wearables and infrastructure with payment, access, and provenance functionalities.


 Managing your device is simple.

Our one-stop mobile platform allows you to add a service to your device, track your service’s activity, change your bank details paired with your wearable, or even disable your payment features.



Are you an ABN AMRO customer?

Activate your wearable and manage your wearable settings via the bank’s web portal or mobile app to start paying with your wearable!

 Quick Customer Support

Have a hiccup with your payment wearable? Here’s who you should reach out to.

For device enquiries

Contact the brand or store you bought your Payment Ready device from.

For Manage-Mii account & app enquiries

Contact us at .

For bank account related enquiries

Contact your bank.





What is DIGISEQ and Manage-Mii?

DIGISEQ is the company whose Mastercard-integrated MDES provisioning platform help personalise your wearable with your bank account. Manage-Mii is a mobile application designed by DIGISEQ so that users can manage the payment service enabled on their wearables conveniently. We are PCI CP compliant and approved under the Mastercard GVCP programme. This means that we are authorised to generate consumer account data and distribute them remotely to wearables as we adhere to the highest security standards.

What is tokenisation?

Tokenisation is the replacement of a consumer’s PAN with an alternate number, reducing the risk of fraud. DIGISEQ’s MDES-integrated provisioning platform delivers tokenised card credentials to wearables for secure digital payments.

How do I find my personal card number?

You can find your personal card number either on your bank card, via Internet Banking on your bank’s web portal, or by contacting your bank directly via email or phone.

Can I temporarily suspend the payment service on my wearable?

You can activate and deactivate the payment service on your wearable using Manage-Mii. Read the Manage-Mii user guide for more details.

 Payment Ready Wearables

We enable over 100 different product across these brands.

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